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  1. Where is the Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary Located?

      The Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary is located in Shravasti & Balrampur Districts of Uttar Pradesh.

  2. How do I reach Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary?

    Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary is accessible by road and rail. Nearest railway station is Gonda Junction, at a distance of 45 kms from Balrampur.  Airport - Nearest airport is Amausi, 165 km away from Balrampur.

  3. How do I contact the Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary management?

    You can contact, The Divisional Forest Officer, Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary HQ, Balrampur Ph. No. - (05263-233842)
    E-mail –

  4. Which are the entry points to Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary?

    • East Suhailwa Range
    • Tulsipur Range

  5. Which is the best time to visit Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary?

    Visiting season is from 15th November to 15th June.

  6. What is the Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary closed to public?

    From 16th June to 14th November

  7. How is the weather at Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary?

    Weather conditions are as follows -




    March to May

    300 C -  400C

    200C -  250C

    June to October

    350 C -  400 C

    200 C -  250 C

    November to February

    200 C -  300C

    040 C -  080C

    Rains are Normal.

  8. Which are the off-days for the Sanctuary?

    No Off-day.

  9. How to book ticket for Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary?

    Tickets can be booked from, The Range Officers of East & West, Suhailwa, Bankatwa and Tulsipur Range.

  10. Is there any specific period for closing of sanctuary?

    Apart from the Closing Season, the Sanctuary remains closed from 25th Dec to 5th Jan.

  11. How can I cancel / reschedule my ticket for the Sanctuary?

    Tickets once sold, can neither be cancelled nor rescheduled.

  12. How many vehicles are allowed in Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary?

    Only 4x4 Private vehicles are allowed in Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary.  

  13. How much a ticket costs for the Sanctuary?



    Normal  days (INR)

    Adult (more than 12 years)

    per person


    Sub adult  (5 to 12 years)

    per person


     Kids( below5 years)

    per person


    Foreign Nationals. 
    Adult (more than 12 years)

    per person


    Foreign Nationals. 
    Sub adult  (5 to 12 years)

    per person


  14. How to get a Guide for the Sanctuary?

    Guides are not available in the Sanctuary; instead Range Personnel are there for Guidance at all the five Ranges in the Sanctuary.

  15. How to get a Vehicle for the Sanctuary?

    Vehicles can be hired from Balrampur, Gonda and Bhinga.

  16. How many persons are allowed in a Vehicle for the Sanctuary?

    Maximum Four.

  17. Any exemption for the children in the Sanctuary?

    Indian Children below 5 years are fully exempted from Entry fee.

  18. Where to stay in Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary?

    Six Forest Rest Houses are located inside the Sanctuary. Tourist Bungalows of Uttar Pradesh Tourism are available in Balrampur and Shravasti. Private accommodations are also available in Balrampur, Gonda, Shravasti and Bhinga.

  19. How to book for accommodation in Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary?

    Accommodations can be booked from the Head Office -   Office of the Divisional Forest Officer, Sohelwa Wild Life Division Behind D M Awas, Bahadurapur, Balrampur – 271201.

  20. 20. How much a room costs?



    Electricity Charges for both Indians and Foreigners

    Rs. For Indians

    Rs. For Foreigners

    from 15th  Oct to 15th  Mar (Per day)

    from  16th  Mar to 14th  Oct (Per day)































    For AC Rooms, Rs 50.00 extra / per day will be charged, along with the Room Rent.

  21. How to make payments for the accommodation facility?

    A request application, along with the charges in cash, to the concerned Range Officer, where the Rest house (accommodation facility) is situated.

  22. Do the Forest Rest Houses have Canteen Facility?

    No, all the rest houses are equipped with good quality of crockery and utensils for usage. Self-preparation is practiced, in all the rest houses.

  23. How to cancel booked tickets?

    Ticket once booked, cannot be cancelled.

  24. What are the provisions for citizens of Nepal?

    As Foreign Nationals.

  25. Where do I get more information on Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary?

    From the office of the Divisional Forest Officer, Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary HQ, Balrampur.

  26. Is there any provision of moving on foot/camping/staying in hides and machans/night Sanctuary/cycling/nature trails inside the Sanctuary?

    • Moving / Strolling on foot is not allowed.
    • Camping /staying in hides and Machans are allowed only at notified places.
    • Night Strolling/cycling/ is not allowed.
    • Moving on Nature trails, inside the Sanctuary is allowed, only on notified places. 

  27. What are mandatory documents that I need to carry during the Sanctuary Visits?

    For Indian nationals - A photo ID, For Foreign nationals - Passport.

  28. What are precautions I need to take for my safety while in the Sanctuary?

    Do's and don’ts displayed at many places in the Jungle/Sanctuary.

    1. Fire-arms of any kind are strictly prohibited.
    2. Pets are not allowed.
    3. Walking and tracking is strictly prohibited.
    4. Entry is permitted only for day time.
    5. Littering of garbage is not allowed.
    6. Smoking in the Jungle/Sanctuary is strictly prohibited.
    7. Playing of transistors and tape recorders is not permitted.
    8. Blowing of horns and driving above the speed limit is prohibited.
    9. Entry without valid permit is not allowed.
    10. Teasing / irritating animals, is strictly prohibited.

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