Tourist Information
Do's Dont's at Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary
  1. Liquor and Non-Vegetarian food is prohibited in the sanctuary premises.
  2. Carrying of Fire-Arms is prohibited.
  3. Obtain Reservation and Entry Pass from Balrampur.
  4. Reservations are non-transferrable.
  5. Driving vehicles between Sunrise and Sunset is prohibited.
  6. Cooking is permitted only in the specified spots. During the Fire Season [15th February to the Monsoons], smoking/lighting of fire is prohibited in the sanctuary area.
  7. Playing of music systems, stereos, sounding of horns or making noise within the precinct of the sanctuary is strictly prohibited. Violation is a punishable offence.
  8. Drive only on the prescribed route and track.
  9. The sanctuary remains closed during the period of16th June to 14th November.
  10. Visitors are advised to wear natural color clothing’s like grays/khakis/browns that blend with the surroundings.
  11. Non degradable waste, like plastic bags, bottles, cans etc. have to be carried back at the time of leaving the sanctuary.
  12. Any violation of the above is a punishable offence under the Wild Life Presenvation Act 1972.

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