Tourist Information

  1. Illegal hunting, Poaching, Mining is prohibited.
  2. All cattles within a 5 KM radius have to be vaccinated against diseases.
  3. All residents having Fire Arms license and residing within a 10 kms area of the sanctuary have to get their licenses registered with the divisional office.
  4. Carrying or taking Inflammable items in the sanctuary is prohibited and punishable.
  5. No admission without permission.
  6. With the exception of the Canteen and the Rest House, cooking, lighting a fire or smoking is strictly prohibited.
  7. A fine of Rs.250/- is levied if found carrying plastic bags/bottles, prohibited under the statutory instructions by the State Administration.
  8. Visitors are advised to carry back the waste which cannot be recycled or is undegradable.
  9. Non-Vegetarian Food and alcoholic drinks are prohibited in the premises.
  10. Provisions of the Wild Life Act are fully applicable to all visitors and tourists.
  11. Tourists shall visit the Wild Life Sanctuary on their own risk. The Wild Life Sanctuary administration shall not be responsible for any untoward incident.

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