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The Amangarh Tiger Reserve is in Ditrict Bijnore, tehsil Dhampur,under the jurisdiction of Amangarh forest range. The total area of Aman Garh Tiger reserve is 9542.38 hectares. Raninangal, Jaspur and Kothiro forest area whose holding is 8060.50 hectares has been merged with Amangarh Tiger reserve, balance 1481.88 hectares is scattered and has some pending issues, hence has not been proposed.

The proposed area has wildlife as per 2007 census as under :

1- Elephant-62 | 2- Wild boar-159 | 3- Sambhar.62 | 4- Black buck-164 | 5- Neelgai229 | 6- Guldar-09 | 7- Tiger-12 | 8- Cheetal-164 | 9- Kakad-47 | 10- Monkey-372 | 11- Langoor-335 | 9- Panda-40

The proposed forest area being a composite area is a natural nature habitant and is ideal for the wildlife. The proposed area is close to the vicinity of Corbett Tiger Reserve, therefore the movement of wildlife and their freedom is in no way affected. There is ample fodder available for animals who have preference for vegetarian only.

The boundaries of Amangarh Tiger Reserve(8060.50) in the North encompasses part of forest area of uttrakhand, fhika river, Patrampur, Cipka, Hajirao population. The west area comprises of district Bijnore’s villages namely Navabad, Kehripur, Kiratpur, Fatehpur Dhara. The North has Corbett national parks core zone area and kandi road.

The south has district of Bijnore like lalpuri, makrandpurGhadi, devanandpur gadhi and uttrakhand forest jaspur cabin no 19 and makoniya village.