Tourist Information

The main objective of the Bird Sanctuary, apart from the entertainment and pleasure of the visitors, is to create awareness and instill knowledge about conservation and to let the visitors experience the Natural environment and gain knowledge about the wild life and vegetation found in the sanctuary.

Rules /prohibited activities in the Bird Sanctuary precinct

  1. Tourist timings are from sunrise to sunset.
  2. Inflammable material and Smoking is prohibited.
  3. Damage or Hankering the fauna and flora of the sanctuary is prohibited.
  4. No sound pollution either through music systems or creating noise, in any form.
  5. Hunting Nets, firearms are strictly prohibited.
  6. Carrying any type of harmful chemicals or explosives is prohibited.
  7. Driving Vehicles, sounding of horn or creating any kind of noise is not allowed.
  8. Feeding the birds or animals.
  9. Entering the water area or the inner zones is prohibited.
  10. Littering water bottles, plastic, garbage, or cans is strictly prohibited.
  11. Liquor [Alcoholic Drinks] or any kind of seminar except related to bio-diversity conservation is prohibited.
  12. Gaining /reaping any harvest or grazing of cattle in the interior zone of the sanctuary is prohibited.

* Any violation of the above is punishable by imprisonment up to 3 years or a fine of Rs.25000/- or both , as provided for, as per the Wild Life Protection Act1972 section 51.

* Hunting / Poaching or alteration to the boundaries of the sanctuary is punishable by a minimum sentence of 1 year extendable up to 6 years or a fine of Rs.5000/- or both.

* Smuggling of the forest wealth is punishable by imprisonment up to 7 years.

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